Ready for the Kosher Chili Cook-Off?

Friday’s paper highlights the 19th annual Dallas Kosher Chili Cook-Off atTiferet Israel, and the three friends — Jack Baum, Mark Kleinman, and Dan Prescott — who first got the ball rolling (the pot simmering?) nearly two decades ago. The event draws more than 5,000 people these days, and around 50 teams will compete on March 18.

If — in Prescott’s words — the heartburn-gift “that keeps on giving” isn’t enough to entice you, consider Tiferet Isreal’s top 10 reasons to attend, which just arrived via email.

10. There’s more to eat than just chili; vegetarian chili teams compete, and non-chili options are sold too!
9. The weather is almost always great. Even years when Dallas gets snow one week later.
8. You can cozy up with thousands of Kosher food lovers.
7. You can support excellent charities simply by eating.
6. You can challenge yourself to eat like a real Texan by taking a chili-pepper challenge.
5. You and your family get to take a break from Passover cleaning.
4. There was nothing like this in the old country (“back east”* or Europe)
3. You can check out the brand new Northaven Trail in our backyard.
2. This is the original Kosher Chili Cook-Off – we’ve been copied by other cities, but you don’t have to leave Dallas for this one!
1. Your rabbi would approve. In fact, your rabbi will probably be there!

*Actually, Rhode Island has a kosher chili cook-off these days. But reason No. 2 covers that.

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