‘Migration Matters’ Series Starts Tonight at SMU

Luis Urrea will kick off SMU's 'Migration Matters' series.

That’s right. “Migration Matters: An Interdisciplinary Program on Immigration at the U.S.-Mexico Border” is kicking off at 6:30 p.m. at SMU’s McCord Auditorium, with a talk from Pulitzer-finalist author Luis Urrea. He’s the man who penned The Devil’s Highway – required reading a few years ago, by the way, for incoming freshmen — and first in a lineup of weekly speakers including artists, religious leaders, teachers, and people in law enforcement who’ll visit SMU through April 26.

“This subject isn’t about so-called ‘foreigners’ and making distinctions between ‘us’ and ‘them,’” says program coordinator and English professor Jayson Gonzales Sae-Saue, who specializes in Chicano/a and Asian American literature. “It’s about understanding how we imagine complex social relationships that implicate everyone.”

For scoop about upcoming speakers, visit the event page on SMU’s website.

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