Rise and Shine, Park Cities (2-1-11)

1. It’s February. So I guess THIS is when winter starts in Dallas?

On plus side, the weather virtually guarantees that the Green Bay Packers will head to Highland Park’s indoor football facility to train for Sunday’s game. Not that local media are allowed to visit. Roger Goodell, consider yourself on notice.

2. For everyone hoping to head to the University Park City Council meeting tonight, keep a keen eye on www.uptexas.org. City spokesman Steve Mace will post sometime today if the meeting has been canceled. If not, expect the council to discuss:

  • A new lease agreement for 7305 Turtle Creek Boulevard, a .66-acre site adjacent to Barns Park.
  • The proposed SMU parking district.
  • Fundraising for a possible scholarship fund for city employees’ children.

3. Have you always wanted Cinnabon, but thought, “I don’t want to head to the mall, or a terminal at the airport?” Well you may be in luck. According to Sold on Park Cities, one is opening in Preston Center this spring. Prepare your beach-season workouts accordingly.

4. While working off your Cinnabon buns on the Katy Trail, Side Dish says you may soon be able to grab a beer to quench your thirst. Word is a bar will open where Routh Street hits the Trail. It will be like your own personal Michelob Ultra commercial.

(Hmm, Rogers’ post seems to have disappeared from Side Dish. Which can only mean one thing: conspiracy!)

5. Stay safe today. And not “Oh yeah it’s not too bad out, I’ll just go 5 miles an hour over the speed limit on Central Expressway instead of my usual 15” safe. Safe safe. New baby in the car safe.

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  • February 1, 2011 at 11:50 am

    ◦Fundraising for a possible scholarship fund for city employees’ children….



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