Hockaday Scores Big at Math Contest

Here’s an easy number to grasp: Six Hockaday students took first place as a team Saturday at the Metroplex High School Mathematics Contest in Arlington, beating out St. Mark’s, Cistercian, and Greenhill, among others.

Kudos to  team members Tina Tian, Suzy Kim, Isis Chen, Hailey Winston, Claire Zhang, and Casey Kim. For details on individual wins, click here.

“The small number of girls who came did very, very well,” said John Cocharo, math department chair at Oakridge High School, which hosted the event. Hockaday would’ve won sweepstakes too, Cocharo figured, if the roster hadn’t been outnumbered (Cistercian brought about 40 students, he estimates, and St. Marks had around 15).

“I’m proud  of ’em,” Cocharo added. “Who said girls can’t do math?”

Fun fact: In 1992, around the time Hockaday’s current senior class was being born, Mattel came out with this infamous doll. Here’s to times a-changing.

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