Bob Coffee is a Sculptor, and I’m Not ‘Lion.’

Kabul Zoo patrons crowd around Bob Coffee's sculpture of Marjan the lion.

HBO’s new documentary My Trip to Al-Qaeda may have been pretty thorough when it comes to the history of modern terrorism in the region. It’s too bad, though, that the filmmakers left out the work of Bob Coffee, a sculptor that hails from University Park.

If the last name sounds familiar, it should be: Bob Coffee’s brother is Roy Coffee Jr., and they’re both sons of Roy Coffee.

While you can check out our back-and-forth with Bob Coffee in this week’s Park Cities Two, we didn’t have room for this picture, which shows several men converging around the sculpture of Marjan the lion. Keen eyes will see the boy in the photo on the left side of the frame is holding a semi-automatic handgun. Interesting that the zoo allows that kind of firepower inside the gates.

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