Bar Brawl Turns Bloody at Inwood and Lovers

At 1:15 a.m. Sunday morning, Richard Volaire, a 41-year-old Northwest Dallas man was stabbed in the left armpit in the parking lot of Chase Bank in the 5200 block of Lovers Lane.

According to the police report, Volaire was leaving a bar (I’m guessing nearby Inwood Tavern, though the police report doesn’t say), arguing with somebody about his tab with a man as they walked through the Chase parking lot.

A car drove between the two and stopped. The driver got out of the vehicle, and he and Volaire began cursing at each other, then fighting. Volaire ended up on his back, having been stabbed once on his upper left side with a 7-inch, fixed blade knife. The suspect drove away on southbound Inwood Road.

Volaire was taken to Baylor Hospital. He “appeared extremely intoxicated” and was “very aggressive and uncooperative” at the hospital. His wound was determined to be minor and non-life threatening.

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