Two Pieces of Advice For Teen Smokers

First piece of advice: Don’t smoke. Besides the obvious health reasons, you should know that you don’t look nearly as cool as you think you do. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a woman less attractive once I saw that cancer stick go to her lips.

Second piece of advice: If you are going to smoke around Highland Park High School, cross Armstrong Parkway. The Board of Trustees on Tuesday approved the HPISD Code of Conduct for the 2010-11 school year. The only change from the current school year was a modification of how the HPHS campus is defined. For conduct purposes, the western border will be the east curb of Armstrong; it had been the east curb of Lomo Alto Drive, but administrators thought that was a little far to be patrolling for smokers.

(The campus’s other official borders are University Boulevard, Preston Road, and Lovers Lane.)

3 thoughts on “Two Pieces of Advice For Teen Smokers

  • May 20, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    I had no idea that the school considered those as the extended borders – very interesting!

  • May 20, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    and I don’t suggest smoking in front of Rafa’s (or any other nearby eatery), you’re bound to have one of your parent’s friends spot you, i was shocked.

  • May 20, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    Interesting to know!!! Maybe the administrators should take some time while they are “patrolling” for the smokers and pay attention to all the cars their students are parking on “permit only” streets. Maybe its time to put in a little face time with the surrounding neighbors?!? Let’s forget about the permit stickers we residents have to get for our cars every year so we don’t run the risk of getting a ticket parking in front of our own homes, of which I own – not rent. Let’s not bring up that the invited guests of these surrounding residents sometimes have to park a block or more away – even though we have done the “right” thing and secured them a “visitor parking pass”. Despite the fact these students are taking a chance on getting a parking ticket, which they obviously don’t care about (and try to trick the officers by putting it back on the windshield the next day – doesn’t work!!), but they need to go back to Driving 101 !!!! The yellow at the end of the driveways are painted for a reason – it is so the homeowner can pull in and back out of said driveway, unobstructed. It doesn’t mean, “CAUTION, you are not quite EVEN with the edge of the driveway yet – keep moving up so no one can get out of or in the driveway!!!” OH……and if you happen to hang over the driveway 6-12 inches – no worries, the lunching mom whose running late & talking on her cell phone while backing out in her BIG Escalade will pay for the damage she does to your car you parked blocking a portion of her driveway!!! As for getting close to the curb – I thought (and could be wrong!) your car was supposed to be within 18 inches, not 24-36 inches of the curb. Wouldn’t want to do any damage to the rims of that brand new BMW your hardworking Daddy bought you for making straight B’s. Wonder what he would think of the TRASH you felt necessary to leave on the ground or in the yard of your parking spot hosts. Ohhhhh….you probably forgot about that soda can and wrapper you set down by your car door when you rushed off this morning as you were too busy buzzing off at 50 mph navigating through the obstacle course your fellow students have set up for you with their ill-parked cars this afternoon.

    REALLY????? Do you think for a minute, that even ONE of those administrators has EVER been spotted walking through the alley’s, let alone the sidewalk of the campus borders, and I have lived within these borers for 10+ years.

    Lastly, YES – we knew the high school was there when we bought our house and moved in. We also knew it was a permit only street – which we sadly believed would be enforced. We also knew there would be lots of cars parking on our street for football games, other sporting events and special events going on at HPHS. There isn’t much we can do about those situations, nor the students ignoring the signs and carelessly parking in front of our house. However, I am asking for these same students to be a little more courteous to the full-time residents. If you must park here, could you please not block my driveway, park closer to the curb, pick up your trash?? PLEASE and most importantly – don’t race down the street trying to get to 60 mph before the stop sign and almost hit the mom walking with the baby stroller or the little kids tossing their footballs/volleyballs in front of their houses.

    Just a simple request!!!


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