Need Some Green?

How about actual greens (from people with green thumbs)?

On Thursdays during growing season — that means today — a farmers’ market will come to Mockingbird Station from 3 to 7 p.m. Brian Cummings of sends the following about the collaborative sale, which you’ll see on the mezzanine outside Angelika Dallas.

Tom Motley from Motley Herbs will be joining us on Thursdays. [Today] he’s bringing organically grown Swiss chard, kale, baby radishes and baby carrots, a green salad mix and red and green lettuce along with a wide variety of specialty herbs including:

Culinary sage with blossoms

Apple, lemon and chocolate mint

Texas Arc and Hill Hardy rosemary

Hot and spicy oregano

Winter savory

French tarragon

French and blood sorrel

Among the other producers who will be there are WeMe Bread, Texas Olive Ranch, Rosey Ridge Farms, The Shrimp Stop, Texas Honeybee Guild and Stephanie’s Cookies. Hope you can stop by sometime.

I hope so, too. Because now I’m hungry.

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