New Gallery Pops Up On McKinney Avenue

For a few months anyway. Pop Up 310, an art gallery that debuted Saturday on McKinney Avenue, is, IMHO, one of the cooler things to hit the West Village in a while. That’s because the gallery, which is curated by James Cope, of The Goss-Michael Foundation, and Brian Gibb, of The Public Trust, is an art installation in itself. Apparently, the whole idea behind a pop up gallery is to take a vacant space and dress it up for a short time. Cope and Gibbs acquired the spot when a gardening store closed down in the retail hub. The powers that be decided to allow the duo to host a series of art shows there, as opposed to leaving the space dark and empty until a new tenant moves in. Their ultimate goal is to wrangle some new collectors, which shouldn’t be too hard in a space next to Polo Ralph Lauren and across from Brooks Brothers. Read more about it here.

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