Pool Season Is Never Over Until Happy Dogs Splash

Bear, a golden retriever, is no stranger to Doggie Splash Day at the Holmes Aquatic Center in University Park.

Every year, his and many other pet owners circle the event on their calendars. This year that date fell on Oct. 1.

People and pups played ball, splashed around, and took turns at the diving board – even if it takes a little coaxing as it did for Phil Tedeschi’s labradoodle, Emma.

The end-of-the-season tradition began in 2013.

“He’s completely exhausted by the time I get him home, but he loves it,” said Patrick Stockwood of his dog, Gus. “I am originally from Newport Beach, California, and I have photos of Gus asleep on the beach with a tennis ball in his mouth. We look forward to this every year.”

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