CAMP Hosts Reading of ‘The Land of the Pines’

CAMP Dallas will host a storytime centered around the debut novel of Summer Nilsson, The Land of the Pines, on Aug. 22.

The event, which is geared for children six and older and their families, will be co-hosted by The Birthday Party Project’s Paige Chenault and her daughter, Lizzie. The event will feature a live reading of the book, and crafting.

Nilsson’s novel leads readers through a journey of discovering identity and the gift of empathy, using lush illustrations to capture the piney woods of Nilsson’s East Texas hometown. 

The book, which is now at the top of Amazon’s Children’s Intermediate Readers New Releases, tells the tale of Grey the Kitten. 

Summer Nilsson

Nilsson felt a sense of responsibility and duty to her 13-year-old nieces to be an outlet of empowerment and compassion. When her nieces turned 9, Nilsson noticed her conversations with the girls changing with more stress around social media pressures, lack of confidence as they hit the pre-teen years, and just an overall lack of self-identity. Nilsson quickly recognized the need to create a resource to combat cultural pressures. 

The goal is for the book to be a resource for all pre-teens and teens while teaching the importance of these topics as readers navigate through key development years. 

A portion of sales of the book will go back to organizations that focus on placing shelter animals in their forever homes. 

To register for the free event at CAMP, located at The Hill just off of Walnut Hill and U.S. Highway 75, click here. For more about the book, click here.

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