The Floral Frog is Hopping into Homes

Sarah Jaudes, a stay-at-home mom one day, insta-florist the next

“The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.” 

— Mark Nepo

University Park mom of four, Sarah Jaudes, has blossomed into a floral entrepreneur. 

And lucky for neighbors and friends, this talent of hers, that was once just a hobby, can be enjoyed by Dallasites that delight in beautiful blooms.

“Having four kiddos is a full-time gig in itself, and a hubby who was working all the time didn’t really allow for much free time either,” Jaudes said. “One day, when the kids were all in school, and the hubby was around more, I snapped a pic of some flowers I did and made an Instagram page for it. And voilà!”

But what would she call her business? As an advertising major at SMU, Jaudes adores jingles and jangles, always coming up with catchy names and slogans. So, when a business of her own needed a nifty name, she put her pencil to the pad and started jotting down anything and everything that came to mind involving flowers.  

Enter: the flower frog — a device used in floral arrangements from time to time to create a solid base or structure in which to build your arrangement. They are unique and differ in style. Made from metal to glass and even pottery, these collector’s items often show up as diamonds in the rough at estate sales.

Flower frog + play on words + a little Jaudes pizazz = The Floral Frog.

With a self-proclaimed organic garden style, Jaudes equates creating the perfect floral arrangement to painting a piece of art. And like art, one style doesn’t fit all. No, you won’t find traditional boutiques of tight domes in her petal portfolio. She aims for an aesthetic that feels straight from the garden, albeit a chic garden. 

One day, when the kids were all in school, and the hubby was around more, I snapped a pic of some flowers I did and made an Instagram page for it. And voilà!

Sarah Jaudes

In addition to her floral arrangements, Jaudes offers custom gift baskets. Because sometimes the recipient might just need a little something extra, right? Whether your girlfriend just had a baby or your child’s teacher is getting married, she’s armed with florals and friends to make your delivery downright dreamy. She carries B’s Knees Candles and offers a monthly floral subscription. 

On top of the ultimate compliment of getting business through word-of-mouth referrals, the most rewarding part of her new gig is feeling the love from her support staff, aka her family. 

“My kids respect and appreciate me doing something I love,” Jaudes said. “And I think it is important for them to see how you can pick up a dream and turn it into something bigger — even if it’s just a little flower gig that brings me joy.”

Jaudes is jazzed about the future, and who knows, perhaps one day she will be crafting her custom creations from a space that is strictly for her stems. 

“Getting my own little shop would be a dream,” Jaudes said. “It would mean graduating from the garage, which I had to air condition, and giving back our ping pong table that I’ve hijacked as a workstation.” 

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