From Balance Beams to Broadcasting: Preston Hollow’s Nastia Liukin Talks Olympics

Dallas is sending one of its best to Tokyo for the Olympics; this time, however, Nastia Liukin will be watching the competition instead of competing.

The five-time Olympic medalist and Preston Hollow resident is heading to Japan as a sportscaster for the Olympics, which open July 23 and run through Aug. 8.

The former competitive gymnast is looking forward to the experience and attending the grand event in person, especially after its postponement last year.

“Obviously, this past year has been a year that nobody’s ever experienced,” Liukin said. “I think the coolest thing about the Olympics is just how the world unites, and nobody’s been able to unite for a while. I’m so excited as a commentator and as a fan of the Olympics and gymnastics.”

Liukin said she feels for the 2020 Olympic athletes who first faced postponement and now audience-free stadiums.

“There’s something about walking into a full stadium of thousands of people, and people cheering and screaming,” Liukin said. “In talking to the athletes, I don’t think there was a single one that at some point when they found the Olympics were postponed, didn’t question if they still wanted to do it. So it’s been tough, but I’m just in awe of the athletes and what they’ve gone through and the perseverance that they continue to show.”

At the 2012 Olympics, Liukin began doing correspondence work for NBC and the Today Show. As a former Olympic athlete, she hopes her voice comes through as insightful and understanding in her role as a sportscaster.

Liukin also has a lifestyle website,, which features tips and recommendations related to beauty, health and wellness, travel, and style.

Liukin discusses on the site and social media her struggles with migraines and a solution that works for her.

“Training for the Olympics, I’d have migraines and not be able to see half the beam,” Liukin said. “As athletes, you almost want to suffer on your own instead of asking for help. Recently I went to the doctor, and he prescribed me Nurtec ODT, and that’s something I’ve wanted to share with everybody because so often, all we want to do is share the highlight reels and the glitz and glam of our lives. I think it’s so important to be able to share the moments of suffering, maybe even more so than the highlights. Nurtec ODT was huge for me to be able to now go to Tokyo and know that not only do I have this to help treat it, but also prevent it.”

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