Letters to the Editors

Criminal euphemisms

About the Police Log, the continuing use of euphemisms “Ne’er do well,” “rogue,” “troublemaker,” “scoundrel,” “delinquent,” “miscreant,” etc. in place of what these people really are – thieves and robbers – gives the false impression that the crimes committed aren’t real crimes and don’t need to be taken seriously. Thanks to our wonderful police departments, the Park Cities are very safe and there isn’t much dangerous crime, but thefts, robberies, and burglaries are very real to the people and/or businesses affected, and they don’t deserve the “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” attitude that the use of these (I’m sure meant to be humorous) expressions convey.

Lucy Washburne, Highland Park

Generous shoppers

Kudos and thank you to the generous citizens who donated $28,522.55 in one day to the Salvation Army. In my 17 years of helping to coordinate this event, this was a record high.

We appreciate the owner of Highland Park Village, Ray Washburne, who supports this event every year, allowing shifts of volunteers to collect money in our red buckets throughout the day on the Saturday before Christmas.

But the greatest appreciation goes to our fantastic volunteers, a huge thank you. Your energy, creativity, and heart make this effort happen.

Taylor Boyd, Dallas

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