Camps Ready To Deploy 2020 Lessons, Bring Back The Bubble

Summer 2021 is HAPPENING!

Let’s welcome it with open arms and plan for a typical summer for our children. I am filled with the excitement of knowing that our kids will get to experience the joys of summer camp.

About a third of the camps in the United States opened last summer.

They created bubbles, changing the way camp operated while still offering the fun and adventure it brings.

They were successful, and the children who went had a normal summer and the time of their lives – unlike many children experiencing an overload of screen time.

The camps that choose not to open learned from those directors that did open so that this summer camp season will offer more opportunities than 2020.

Directors spent hours and hours learning about best practices as related to COVID-19, and they are enthusiastic and well prepared to welcome campers.

Camps went to great lengths to protect campers and staff, with many adjustments to mitigate risk.

“Directors spent hours and hours learning about best practices as related to COVID-19, and they are enthusiastic and well prepared to welcome campers.”

Most of the camp population is healthy and younger than 25, which put camps at low risk.

While the world is opening up around us, children at camp live in a “bubble” – putting them in among the safest communities.

Being outside significantly reduces COVID risks, and most of camp happens outside.

Our children stay out in nature enjoying all the wonderful activities of camp. Even meals are served outside now at some camps instead of the traditional dining rooms.

Camps also are putting fewer children in a cabin with beds farther apart.

Campers arrive with a negative COVID test and, after a few days, get tested again. Until then, they remain with their cabin cohorts. After everyone tests negative, camp gets back to normal, with campers getting to enjoy their summer.

No parents were allowed at drop off or pick up, having designated locations right outside of camp. Counselors spent their day off at camp instead of leaving camp.

The door to normal is slowly opening, and many families want to go through it.

They are ready to “step outside the box” that has been home. Summer Camp is more important than ever right now. Camps are prepared and waiting to welcome your campers inside the safety of the camp bubble.

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Helene Abrams

Helene Abrams, of the free advisory service Tips on Trips and Camps, helps parents find enriching summer overnight experiences for their children. Reach her at 214-484-8141 or [email protected]

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