Family Cord Cutting Project Becomes a Business

Rising St. Mark’s School of Texas freshmen Ben Adams and Bennett Alger created Ben’s Streaming Consulting to help clients “cut the cord” and switch from cable to cheaper streaming services. 

Adams’ interest began when his family wanted to save money and were curious about the pros and cons of streaming services. 

“They told me that if I did the work switching, then whatever the profits were, I could have 50% for the first year,” he said. “From there, I started helping other people.” 

An eight-member sales team works alongside Adams and Alger to spread the word and recruit clients. 

Although all of them are only rising freshmen, they believe that age is an advantage in the world of technology, for they understand more than the older generations. 

“We find cheaper, faster internet.”

Ben Adams

However, their ages do not come without challenges. 

“Often, our salesmen come back and say that our clients seemed interested, but they thought it was a joke,” Alger said. “That is the main issue: people thinking that our service is interesting, but they do not think it is an actual service or that we are going to go through with it.”

Disregarding their age, why switch to streaming at all?

“Large companies bundle their services, but we can save them money by pushing them toward streaming services such as Hulu or YouTubeTV,” Adams said. “We found out that when you cut cable, the internet prices shoot up. We find cheaper, faster internet.”

Ben’s Streaming Consulting prices its services based on the success of the switch. The business charges a 35-50% cut for the first year. 

So far, clients are from New York and Dallas and have been helping them through email and phone calls.

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