Dallas County Reports 11th COVID-19-Related Death, 61 New Cases

Dallas County Health and Human Services March 30 reported the 11th death from COVID-19 and 61 additional positive cases, bringing the total case count to 549 in Dallas County.

Dallas County health officials say the latest death was a man in his 40’s who was found dead in his Dallas home. This individual was reported to have had other high-risk chronic health conditions.

Officials say hospitalizations from COVID-19 have been increasing in Dallas County, with about two-thirds (65%) being either over 60 years of age or having had at least one known high-risk chronic health condition. Of cases requiring hospitalization to date, 36% of all hospitalized patients required admission to intensive care units.

“We are working collaboratively with industry and working groups to ensure that our essential business employees are as safe as possible. These front line workers are supply chain heroes,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

“We are also asking our community to please be careful on our parks and trails. Social distancing is physical distancing and physical distancing is at least 6 feet,” he added. “If you are jogging past 500 people going the opposite direction on a trail, you’re breathing droplets on the trail from all of those people, and likewise they are breathing yours.

“A lack of compliance with physical distancing only increases the chance that more people will get sick and lengthens the time before we get the economy moving again.”

This story will be updated as new developments occur.

Dalia Faheid

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