The Signature Collection Boasts Incredible Pedigree

If you’ve lived in Preston Hollow for any length of time, you know Rosewood Preston Hollow. And if you’re a residential architecture buff who keeps tabs on local firms, you know SHM Architects.

So when the two principals of those firms – Luc Dauwe and Enrique Montenegro, respectively – partnered with Provident Realty Advisors to create The Signature Collection, a luxury residential community in Preston Hollow Village, people sat up and paid attention.

The community is an easy walk to dining options and Trader Joe’s, and even doctors’ offices. When it’s complete, there will be 3 acres of green space with a walking/jogging path included in the amenities.

And there are floorplans for every phase of life.

“I think we have floorplans that would appeal to a lot of people,” said sales director Nancy Holloway.

Homes range from two-story detached houses with private backyards that range anywhere from 4,589 to 4,614 square feet of space, to slightly smaller courtyard homes with private terraces and shared landscaped mews and even single-level condominiums.

“A lot of people that have built the big homes, don’t want to go through all of that again, but this is still giving them lots of freedom and choices.” -Nancy Holloway

Holloway said the homes can also be perfect for empty nesters looking to downsize from a substantially larger house but aren’t looking for a drastic change, either.

“After doing a lot of market research, we found that people necessarily don’t want to be too small if they’re coming from bigger houses,” she said. “So what we’ve created is downstairs living, with the master on the first floor, and most of your primary living spaces are on the first floor.”

So even though the detached homes are two-stories, empty-nesters who still want to host Christmas can efficiently utilize the first floor the rest of the time.

“We have an elevator option, too,” Holloway said. “So if they wanted to have an elevator, they could have it. If they want to add it later, it’s certainly great to have for resale purposes, too.”

The single-level condos will offer two and three bedrooms, all on one level, and will have a smaller footprint.

Designer Stephanie Dauwe works with buyers on finish choices and other design elements, giving the experience a semi-custom feel.

“Rosewood Preston Hollow is offering buyers the same quality and finishes that they have been building for 38 years in Preston Hollow,” Holloway said. “A lot of people that have built the big homes, don’t want to go through all of that again, but this is still giving them lots of freedom and choices.”

Holloway said that several buyers are finalizing contracts. “The reception has been really overwhelming,” she said. “And the price points are less than what you would see elsewhere in Preston Hollow based on our square footage – our entry price is $1.65 million.”

The attractive price point, the community, and the walkability, Holloway said, are the biggest drivers of interest.

“I truly believe that we’re selling a lifestyle. It’s not all about the home – it’s about the walkability, it’s about the sense of community.”

Bethany Erickson

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