UP City Council Approves Conceptual Design Plans For Possible Park at Preston and Lovers

Plans for a potential park at the northeast corner of Preston Road and Lovers Lane are underway.

Bill Shaddock expressed interest in donating the piece of property there to the city of University Park for use as a park. The city commissioned landscape architect firm Naud Burnett to come up with conceptual designs for the project. Kevin Clark with Naud Burnett is working on preliminary costs and design elements for the project. The design elements could change to accommodate budgetary constraints. The city council approved the design concept plans for the project Dec. 17, which allows city staff to continue work on the design and determine potential costs to bring back to the council later.

“We went through about maybe three or four concepts, took a little bit of each, brought them together,” Parks Director Gerry Bradley said. “That includes some evergreen (trees) along the perimeter, seasonal color…and seating. We have some open green space…decorative stone…walkways, and a decorative fountain (as part of the concept)…the actual aesthetics would be a dramatic improvement compared to what is existing…on the site currently and also the opportunity to add to the Lovers Lane corridor easement from Central Expressway.”

He said officials are hoping to get the final design approved in January, develop construction drawings in February and March, bid the project in April or May, and start construction in June or July.

Photo courtesy Naud Burnett for the city of University Park.

“We presently are building a home on Hunters Glen just right near this park. I recall driving by here as I was going to look at the building site and thinking, ‘…you know somebody ought to do something about that (property).’” Shaddock said. “It is my hope that our presence here every day is a blessing to our family, to the city, and that we can make a positive difference in the life of University Park.”

In other news:

  • City staff celebrated the retirement of Lt. Keith Burks after 41 years with the University Park police department. State Rep. Morgan Meyer attended the Dec. 17 meeting to recognize Burks. Meyer said they flew a flag over the state capitol building in his honor as well.

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