Did You Know Jayne Mansfield?

After authoring “Jayne Mansfield: The First Reality Star?” for The Hollywood Reporter, Erik Liberman is looking to do a book on the blonde bombshell from the Park Cities.

Liberman, a Broadway and TV actor and writer, is looking for those who knew Mansfield (formerly known as Jayne “Honey” Peers) or her parents, Harry and Vera Peers, during her upbringing in the area in the early 1950s.

Leave word for him at 213-375-8175 or visit erikliberman.org.

‘Seeing Red: Extinction and Other Mysteries Surrounding the Redhead’ by Stewart Cohen

The Canadian-born photographer, who lives in the Bluffview area of Dallas, explores the notion that redheads are on their way to extinction with more than 300 photo sessions on two continents. He styled the portraits in his latest book to show how an extinct species might be displayed for posterity. “Once the word spread that I was shooting redheads, I had an overwhelming response from gingers around the world – each wanting to be immortalized as a part of the project,” Cohen said.

‘The MAD Entrepreneur: Making a Difference in the World, in Business and in Life’ by Phil Romano

The nearly 80-year-old Dallas restaurateur, who lives between Bluffview and Preston Hollow, has created more than 25 concepts during his 50-plus years in the industry and continues to own and operate eatZi’s Market & Bakery, Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse, Coal Vines Pizza, and other businesses. He wrote about “points of difference” when starting a business and his father’s lessons about making a difference in the world. “He told me to ‘be known near and far for what you are’ and that became a driving force behind my businesses and gave me the passion to make a difference in so many people’s lives,” Romano said.

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