Demolition Delayed; Homeowner Jailed

A Mockingbird Lane home targeted for demolition has gotten a month’s reprieve, but its owner has returned to jail.

The Highland Park Town Council this week delayed action on hiring a contractor to demolish the home at 4509 Mockingbird Lane. The council will take up the issue again at its Aug. 26 meeting.

The owner of the home, Scott Brei, was booked July 15 into the Denton County Jail, where he faces a contempt of court charge from the 363rd State District Court. As of the afternoon of July 23, court records did not show him being released.

He is heavily delinquent on his child support, the mothers of his children told council members at recent meetings. One of them, Anne Marie Hurlbut, expressed her surprise that he had brought an attorney to a July 8 council meeting after telling a Denton judge in her case recently that he was indigent and needed an appointed one.

Town officials have been working since March to get Brei to make repairs to the home, which they say poses a risk to occupants and neighbors alike. The roof is bowed with the chimneys leaning in and the house is in violation of several codes with a lack of utilities, hazardous wiring, and water intrusion.

Council members in June told Brei to obtain a conclusive engineer’s report, a contractor’s scope of work and schedule, and building permits. He did not.

Therefore, on July 10, an Order to Repair, Remove, or Demolish the Substandard Buildings, automatically converted into a Demolition Order.

In August, the council will consider whether to hire Lindamood Demolition to remove the home and other buildings on the property for a cost of $18,065.

William Taylor

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One thought on “Demolition Delayed; Homeowner Jailed

  • July 24, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    I’m so upset about their decision to revisit in August. This homeowner is the master of delaying. I can’t believe how many chances the City has given him and they are currently jeopardizing the safety of surrounding neighbors and children walking to school this Fall right past this house.

    Also what a site to see as visitors drive through our community on their way to world renowned destination Highland Park Village. City of Highland Park please protect your fellow citizens and set precedent for others who have disregard for their neighbors and community.


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