Formula Wellness Opens in West Village

Formula Wellness Center, a North Texas-based wellness services provider focused on on-site medical testing and other treatments that refresh and energize the body, has opened a new West Village location.

Located at 3600 McKinney Ave. Suite 100, the Uptown Formula Wellness center offers a membership-based focus on healthcare with services including customized workout and diet solutions, supplements, injections, detoxifying/vitamin-rich IV infusions, and bioidentical hormone therapy.

“Our approach to getting patients to optimal health is to assess every part of their lives from blood panel draws and EKGs to diet, exercise and nutrition,” said Dr. Brian Rudman, Formula Wellness Center founder. “We guide our members to help build a better foundation rather than your typical medical experience which only treats the symptoms.

“Our new location gives us more space to provide a greater number of customized services. We’re also excited to partner with local vendors to offer additional nutritional options like fat-burning coffees, bone broths, and healthy, pre-made meals (created by local chefs).”

A first-time visit to Formula Wellness Center begins with an overall look at the patient’s current health state through multi-factor testing including a blood panel draw, body composition scan, resting metabolic rate review, cardio max, and EKG.

From there, each patient is given a one-on-one physician consultation to discuss results and develop a plan toward optimal health. The physician then provides a range of preventative, maintenance and intervention treatments – including IV vitamins, injections, and supplements.

Formula Wellness Center’s extensive list of services includes Hormone Replacement, JOOV Light Therapy, Nutrition Consulting (including meal planning and food monitoring), Weight Loss/Muscle Gain Management, Aesthetic/Skin Rejuvenation, Sexual Rejuvenation Procedures, Joint Treatments, Hair Regrowth Treatments, as well as Food Allergy and Toxicity Testing.

New to the West Village location is a coffee, tea and bone broth bar serving favorites and new flavors including:

  • fathack Coffee – made with coffee, Lucky Layla Farm’s cow butter, organic coconut oil and medium chain triglyceride oil (easiest oil from which the body can produce energy). All fathack Coffee will be served in compostable paper/plastic products.
  • Mushroom Mochas – organic blends include Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane made with organic cacao steamed milk
  • Collagen Lattes – 10 grams of collagen protein
  • Charcoal Lattes – detoxifying/hangover busting activated charcoal
  • Golden Milk Lattes – made with inflammation-reducing turmeric
  • Bone Broth – two versions of organic, grass-fed Texas cattle simmered with a local pitmaster’s specific blend of seasonings to yield the best collagen in this drinkable, protein-rich beverage.

Additionally, a variety of IV Therapy & Injections are also available. and administered in the comfort of an on-site lounge by a licensed medical professional or registered nurse.

Services include the Skinny G’s IV, Super Immune, and Hangover Relief.


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