Local Resident Wins Governor’s Volunteer Award

Highland Park resident John Poston recently received the Texas Governor’s Lone Star Achievement Award for his work furthering accessibility for special needs individuals.

“This award recognizes the exemplary service of an individual who has volunteered for a minimum of 15 years. Lone Star Achievers are those rare individuals who recognize a community need and create new systems, programs, and/or processes to achieve positive change. Nominees inspire others to serve their cause through volunteering and philanthropy, often engaging cross-sector partners for greater impact.”

Poston’s work is driven by his son, Michael, who has down syndrome. Inspired to do something, Poston helped to launch The Ashford Rise School of Dallas, an early childhood education program for children with and without developmental disabilities, when Michael was in pre-school.

Most recently, Poston founded Daymark Living, a supported living community where special needs adults can pursue further education and job training.

“Out of John’s amazing commitment and relentless pursuit of opportunities and happiness for his children came the Rise School of Dallas, the Touchdown Club of Dallas, the Stallings Award and Daymark Living,” said Cecilia Abbott, honorary chair of the 2018 Governor’s Volunteer Awards. “Through his many years of service, John has helped provide for the need for hundreds of children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Texas and beyond.”

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