Alcuin School Celebrates 100 Percent Pass

Alcuin School announced a 100% pass rate for its 2017-2018 IB Diploma Programme.

The milestone puts Alcuin among the few select schools globally to achieve this, making it particularly significant for its first-ever graduating class.

In order to earn the IB Diploma, students must take six IB courses, score a total of 24 points on cumulative exams, complete a 4,000-word Extended Essay, pass a Theory of Knowledge class, and demonstrate a two-year commitment to Creativity, Activity and Service.

For students who meet these rigorous criteria, there are many benefits associated with earning the IB Diploma, ranging from increased admission rate at top colleges, to a higher probability of graduation from college in four years, to actual college credit.

“It has been an amazing journey for our first senior class who are Alcuin’s educational trailblazers,” says Walter Sorensen, Alcuin Head of School. “Given the level of rigor and dedicated study required to do well in the IB Diploma, I am exceedingly proud of the results for our first graduates.”

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