Highland Park To Train Residents on Wednesday for Active Shooter Incidents

The Highland Park Department of Public Safety will conduct training residents to prepare them for active shooter situations and inform them of how the town has prepared for such incidents.

“Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events” is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on the SMU campus in the Crow Building, 6210 Bishop Blvd., No. 175 (Georges Auditorium).

The class is separated into two parts:

1) What you can do to be prepared for an active shooter event

2) What we have done to prepare for an active shooter event.

Lt. W. Kilmer will facilitate the training module on active shooter incidents.

In addition to the active shooter information, Sgt. J. Mowrey will present an EMS component “Stop the Bleed,” where participants will learn how to immediately assist those who have a traumatic injury with blood loss.

Space is limited so we are asking that attendees register in advance by email [email protected] You may view the course flyer here.

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