Fight Aging With Collagen Products

It seems as you get older, the years fly by. It’s even hard to believe that we are already in 2018.

The thing I love about living during this current time, especially for beauty, is that “70 is the new 50” and “50 is the new 30.” We just keep getting better, and more youthful, with age.

Sadly, our bodies can still betray us. Regardless of how young our outer appearance looks. But, we can fight our bodies’ treason. More people workout now, and take care by eating right, but age still happens to our insides.

One of the biggest factors is losing collagen. I have been fascinated by collagen and what it does in our bodies and what it can do in keeping us as young as we feel mentally.

In our mid-to-late 20s, we stop producing new collagen and existing collagen starts to break down around age 30. We do not get it back naturally.

Exposure to UV rays contribute to this break down. Collagen is a hard, insoluble, and fibrous protein that makes up about one-third of the protein in the human body. It’s the supporting structures that give skin strength and elasticity, help our joints to function, and makes up our connective tissue, muscle, and bone.

Now with scientific advancements we can replace what we lose naturally and from UV exposure, with collagen peptides in the form of supplements. We can’t eat enough collagen in our diets so supplemental products are necessary in regaining that which we lost to repair and renew. Adding in collagen keeps our skin from sagging, wrinkles at bay, joints moveable, bones, hair, and nails strong, and hydrates. Bonus: It also helps with cellulite.

Bone broth, true bone broth, which you can make, or purchase (just make sure it is bone broth, not just broth) is one way to get concentrated collagen. Another way is through a powder mix. There are two really great companies providing powder supplement mixes – Glotrition and Further Food.

LEFT: Further Food’s Collagen Peptides Mix. RIGHT: Glotrition’s Collagen Peptide Drink Mix.

Glotrition Cellular Skincare was founded by local former news anchor Lisa Pineiro. Glotrition has as two-part system, the Collagen Peptide Drink Mix, working on the inside and their topical treatment. The drink mix is made of Verisol, a patented bioactive collagen peptide, powerful antioxidants, and key nutraceuticals like hydronic acid and biotin.

Further Food Collagen Peptides Mix, also easy to drink by adding to your coffee or other beverage, is 100 percent pure protein powder made from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hides from South America, along with essential amino acids. Further Food’s website also offers an array of recipes that have incorporated the powder. Founder and CEO Lillian Zhao founded the company to offer food-based solutions for a variety of ailments.

Both Glotrition and Further Food collagen products can be purchased on their websites.

Every new year, resolutions are made, and as quickly as technology advances we lose track of keeping those resolutions. This year I will be focusing my resolutions on something I can hopefully keep – making sure to stay active and take collagen every day for my overall health, (collagen even helps keep a healthy gut), reversal of collagen loss and overall aging, and maintain healthy skin. Wrinkles be damned!

I wish you happiness and good health this year. Let’s fight aging together and get younger in 2018!

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