Shout Out to The Men in My Life

[pullquote-left]“Fathers, I hope you impart beauty secrets to your daughters and sons.”[/pullquote-left]I remember watching my daddy buff and file his nails and telling me, when I was a little girl, “Make sure your hands always look kept, men notice things like that.” That always stuck with me. He taught me that pride in appearance spills over to pride in oneself.

I’m pretty adamant about having polish on my fingers and toes. I blame him. I’m not sure the men in my life ever really noticed. Maybe they did and didn’t say, but it’s been important to me regardless, and I notice it on others. While I thoroughly enjoy a professional manicure, I’m fairly picky; chipped nails bug me, so I tend to redo them immediately – yes, possibly OCD. I blame him.

Since having them always polished is mandatory, and I would rather spend money on fabulous shoes than a weekly manicure, I frequently find a new nail polish color, lip gloss, or other fun products on my vanity left by my sweet fiancé. As he says, “I like the color and I’m not going to wear it, but at least you can.”

One has become my favorite, especially for quick changes: Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel. It comes in almost 40 shades and looks professionally done when applied with the Diamond Topcoat; plus, it has amazing staying power and dries quickly. He certainly found the right product to keep me happy with never-chipped nails. Maybe he did notice!

My brother is a first-time father of a 7-month-old girl. I can’t wait to see what advice my brother gives her. How precious is it when fathers of girls learn how to braid hair or do nails? Why shouldn’t they? There is no emasculation in doing so, only a more well-rounded father and wonderful experience for the daughter … for a lifetime.

Last Christmas, my brother said he wanted Kiehl’s Razor Bump Relief, which was something I’d given him previously; it made me feel so good that I gave him something he liked and wanted again.

If the guy in your life is anything like my fiancé, who’s not into many products, Jack Black has a versatile treatment called Epic 10 Moisture MP10 Oil, which can be used to condition or style hair, as a shaving oil, a leave-in conditioner, or a grooming aid for facial hair. Now that’s what I call low-maintenance! And if taming wild hairs is an issue (like it is for my dad), Dear Clark’s Finishing Salve does the trick: it heals, seals, saves your style, and protects from heat and humidity — perfect with summer on the way.

Fathers, I hope you impart beauty secrets to your daughters and sons. Teach them that, yes, it’s important to be pretty on the inside; but first impressions are also important.

Help them be whoever they want to be, but also help them create a physical appearance that shows their best self.

And men, next time you run through the grocery store, pick a color of lipstick or polish you like and surprise the woman in your life with it on her vanity. You might just get better Father’s Day gifts.

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