Dallas PD Receives Gift of Hope

Flag for Hope director of operations Don Goff this spring presented the Dallas Police Department with a replica of the Flag for Hope, a project to promote unity, honor and peace.

On the actual Flag of Hope, the blue field and red and white stripes were formed from the hand and finger impressions from more than 3,700 Americans, including Dallas Assistant Chief Christina Smith who made the final hand print on the 9-by 5-foot canvas.

The stars were painted by iconic Americans such as Muhammad Ali, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Roger Staubach.

Work on the flag began May 23, 2015 at the Indianapolis 500 and involved travel to more than 200 cities, according to flagforhope.com.

“As we traveled more than 300,000 miles criss-crossing the country, we were inspired by the positivity, hope and patriotism that exists all over America,” the website says. “The Flag symbolizes thousands of Americans holding hands without conflict or hatred.”

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