Matte Black is the New Black

I have been on a roll lately attending design conferences and meeting with product vendors from around the globe to stay on top of industry trends. One of the sexiest design elements making a huge statement in home and hospitality interiors is amatte black finish. Because this is a high-end finish, it can also become a prominent design feature.

The trend has also made a significant impact not just in intereiors, but also in the automobile industry and fashion. Matte black is even more luxurious when combined with another matte finish or contrast metal finish, such as satin gold, or with a classic white for a powerful pop of pure luxury.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Pickard

It does not take much of this finish to create a dramatic detail in any interior space. Some of my favorites are plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, tile, wallcovering, and furniture finishes. I do believe that “less is more” in design, but I can’t get enough of this classic finish.

Plumbing fixtures are my favorite matte black trend right now because of the statement they can make in a small space, such as a shower or vanity.

It is a relatively inexpensive change to make to existing plumbing fixtures, but it offers a huge update. Pair with white tile or Calcutta marble to make the fixtures the focal point of the room.

I am continually amazed at what can be done with basic millwork and cabinetry finishes. Satin or glossy finishes on cabinets are quickly being replaced with matte finishes. To follow the trend, pair black cabinets with matte black countertops and white accents.

This will quickly and easily turn any drab kitchen into the most sophisticated room in your home. Black and white kitchens are not just for the minimalist. Add an unexpected element in your kitchen by repainting your traditional cabinets if you simply want a refresh.

Not ready for a big statement but you want to be a trendsetter? You can do this by making simple changes in your living space, such as hardware, accent furniture pieces, lamps, and accessories.

I don’t see this trend going away because it does not define a certain look or lifestyle other than luxury. As a combination of the most timeless color of all time and the trendiest finish in recent history, it’s safe to say matte black is here to stay.

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