Your Daily Dose, At Your Doorstep

Organizing and keeping track of vitamins can be challenging for those always on the go. Two recent TCU graduates are trying to change that.

Their new company, vitafive, sends clients 28 customized daily vitamin packs with their name printed on each bag at their doorsteps every four weeks.

“They’re all gummy vitamins, so it’s way more convenient,” co-founder Nik Hall said. “You can choose from one of our pre-made health packs or customize your own. We have a registered dietician on staff, and she does all of the health packs and combinations.”

Many gummy vitamins on the market are gelatin-based. Vitafive uses pectin, which is less messy and easier to digest. The company offers vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

Co-founder Garrett Adair, a University Park native, said variety sets vitafive apart. Clients can choose from eight essential vitamins, including a multi-vitamin, vitamin C, calcium, biotin, omega-3, COQ10, and melatonin. The company offers seven health pack options for adults and three kid-friendly options.

“We created the convenience of choosing the vitamins you want,” Adair said.

According to him, the products have been a hit with busy moms. Rachelle McCalmon, a mother of three, likes vitafive for its convenience.

“For a family that is always on the go, having all the vitamins in one small grab-and-go package is amazing,” McCalmon said. “Having them taste amazing is just an added benefit.”

Adair had the idea after he attempted to get an internship with a pill manufacturer in Houston last year. He recommended e-commerce as the best way to grow the business, but the owner was not convinced. However, Adair and Hall, both entrepreneurial management majors, believed they had identified a golden opportunity. An assist from Adair’s mom really got the ball rolling.

“I was talking to her about the business, and I was like, we aren’t really differentiating ourselves that much,” Adair said. “My mom said she takes gummy vitamins everyday, and asked if we had thought of using gummy vitamins instead.”

That conversation took place in the spring of 2015. By fall, Adair and Hall had secured funding. Vitafive debuted this past March, a couple of months before the duo’s college graduation. Since then, they have built a customer base of several hundred clients willing to pay $25 to $30 a month for their service.

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