Volunteer State Guard Searches Turtle Creek for Body

The third battalion of the Texas State Guard was searching Turtle Creek this morning for the body of Mark McCullers, the SMU officer who went missing after being washed away by flood waters in July.

The volunteer military group planned to walk into the creek and try to bring up underbrush to find him, as part of their search and rescue training, but were impeded by the heavy rain.

Lt. Col. Richard Steele, the group’s commanding officer, said they were only able to search one area of interest, since the others were flooded.

They were not able to find anything, but Steele said “we’re going to continue to train in the community until all areas have been searched.”

Steele’s company of about 34 is a part of the Texas military forces, but they all serve on a volunteer basis. “Hopefully,” he said, “we can help bring some closure to the family.”


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