FBI Searches For Something in Connor Lake

UPDATE: According to an article by Bloomberg, Dean Foods former chairman Thomas C. Davis was recently charged by the U.S. for insider-trading. Apparently he threw a prepaid cell phone “into a nearby Dallas creek in an attempt to cover up an illegal stock-trading plot.” According to DCAD, Davis still has a house in his name on Abbott Avenue, only blocks away from Turtle Creek and Lake Connor Park. Coincidence?

Neighbors of Connor Park called to alert us to an FBI team stationed on the east side of the lake near the intersection of St. Johns Drive and Fitzhugh Avenue this morning.

FBI spokeswoman Allison Mahan confirmed an Underwater Search and Evidence Response Team had been deployed in relation to an ongoing investigation. She was unable to discuss the particulars at this time.

“We did get the green light to say we’re not looking for remains or any kind of body,” Mahan said.

She added that there’s no threat to public safety. She expects the team will be out the rest of the day.

(Photo: Hayley Metcalf)
(Photo: Hayley Metcalf)


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