Fresh Face Starts with Natural Product

Skin care that is luxe and organic? An oxymoron? No. It’s the new skin care line from Goop by Juice Beauty.

You may recall in late fall of 2014, Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog/shop Goop had a pop-up store in Highland Park Village for one month. It was filled with her favorite books, clothing, gifts, and home furnishings.

Paltrow has now launched six “Essential” natural skin products. Don’t miss the travel-sized “The Discovery Set” featuring the revitalizing day moisturizer, enriching face oil, replenishing night cream, and exfoliating instant facial.

I never knew what Goop stood for. I honestly thought the name was strange, until I recently saw her on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon promoting the skin care line. She explained that Goop is what her friends and family called her because her initials were G.P. Ah, it all makes sense now!

What you put on your body is as essential as what you put in your body. But what if the products you put on your body are safe enough to be eaten? Goop products are so natural they are food-grade, according to its website. She and Fallon proved this point by tasting some Goop, and in true Fallon fashion, they dipped a french fry into it!

Rather than using toxic products such as parabens, petroleum, pesticides, and butyl glycols in order to obtain results, Goop by Juice Beauty uses an exclusive Meristem Technology that features sustainably-sourced plant stem cells from sweet iris and poet’s daffodil to improve skin’s tone and texture.

Key ingredients such as aloe, apple and grape juices, vitamins C and E, and other botanical ingredients are also used to deliver healthy glowing skin that decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and add hydration.

Prices run from $90-$140 and the products can be found on or locally at Forty Five Ten.

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