Sibling Filmmakers Want to Scare You

unnamedAs Halloween approaches, of course, our appetite for horror movies typically kicks into high gear. This year, a sibling duo of SMU graduates is getting into the act.

The Inhabitants, the sophomore feature from Richardson natives Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, will be released on video-on-demand and various online platforms on Tuesday.

The low-budget supernatural film centers on a New England couple that buys a bed-and-breakfast with the intent of renovating it, only to find that some malicious spirits lurk within its walls.

Shawn Rasmussen said it was a home-grown passion project for the Richardson natives, who used some friends in the cast and crew and found inspiration in some obscure genre classics from the 1970s, such as The Changeling and The Haunting of Julia.

“These atmospheric tales were part melodrama, part creepy ghost story, and we wanted to capture that tone in a modern-day film,” he said.

As a bonus, the film was shot on location inside the Noyes-Parris House, a 17th century Massachusetts estate that was a childhood home of the two girls whose accusations launched the Salem witch trials.

The Rasmussen brothers previously wrote The Ward (2011), directed by John Carpenter, and made their directorial debut with Dark Feed (2013), which was released on DVD. The Inhabitants is being distributed by Gravitas Ventures.

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