Could Traffic Possibly Improve on LBJ?

The mammoth LBJ Express project will be finished on Thursday.
The mammoth LBJ Express project will be finished on Thursday.

If you drive LBJ Freeway frequently, and you don’t mind paying to do so, then you’ll be happy to know that the LBJ Express project will be fully complete and open for business on Thursday.

The 16.5-mile, $3 billion project, which began in 2011, involved the complete reconstruction of all main lanes and frontage roads along Interstate 635, along with the addition of the TexPress managed lanes.

For those keeping score, the highway now has four main lanes in each direction, along with two or three lanes of frontage roads, and three managed toll lanes in each direction, primarily in a subgrade, cantilevered corridor depressed in the middle of the main lanes.

The project involved the rebuilding of 64 bridge structures, the placing of 5,760 beams, the laying of more than 678,000 tons of asphalt, and the moving of more than 6 million cubic yards of dirt.

It’s expected to double the traffic capacity along that heavily traveled stretch of roadway, and more importantly, it means that construction — for the time being — is over ahead of schedule.

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