Affordable Tricks For Achieving Luxe Look

Photos Courtesy of Steve Hinds and Sarah Pickard

Couture style with high-end fabrics and material finishes can get costly for any client.

Materials and finishes can be the easiest way to trim the budget and save money. Reusing existing case goods with the application of beautiful metallic and high-gloss finishes give a very high-end look with substantial savings.

PICKARD-Image by Steve Hinds

Printed fabrics have become more and more popular. Manufacturers now have the capabilities to maintain a great hand and texture while keeping with the design of the pattern. Printed fabrics can cut cost significantly and add an unique touch to your design. Here are some other tips:

  • When coming up with less costly options, always remember to keep your design intent clear. Most manufacturers now have many more capabilities than they used to, and they can help you get the design you want at a fraction of the cost.
  • Murano glass and luxurious fabrics used to display art are indeed stunning but can be expensive depending on the size of your project. Acrylic lighting solutions have become more and more popular when trying to find more cost-effective solutions. When used creatively, it also has the possibility to create a more attention-grabbing design than the original fixture that was twice as expensive.
  • Embossed patterns with viscose and crushed velvet blends always add luxury to particular fabrics but are expensive as a result of the production process. Although this may be a great option for a smaller space, the same look and hand can be achieved with similar patterns without the complicated fabrication process.

Park Cities native Sarah Pickard is the president of Pickard Design Studio in Dallas.

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