Routine Helps Moms Fit in Time For Toning

Niccole Maurici is no ordinary personal trainer. The University Park mother of four spends what little down time she has sending texts of encouragement to her clients, busy moms themselves, who have come to know Maurici’s dedication to fitness through her new line of workout videos, StrongestMom.

“She understands that by being a mother, your time is very limited, your priorities change, and so does your lifestyle. Therefore, by creating a program that is flexible considering the demands of being a parent, it makes it doable,” said Veronica Diaz, a client and friend of Maurici.

The StrongestMom workout, designed specifically formothers looking to get back in shape in, brings a high-intensity series of exercises into the home. By eliminating travel time to the gym, Maurici, along with her business partner Talcott Franklin, gives women a break from their busy schedule to dedicate time to themselves.

Maurici gives a free training class each Tuesday in her home and personalizes accountability plans for clients, making StrongestMom more than just a DVD.


The exercise program removes the minutes of rest time that are usually taken at the gym, according to Franklin, by allowing one muscle group to rest while another is working, isolating specific areas to compress the workout. The program starts with a three-day commitment, allowing moms to get back in the swing of working out, while also allowing time for them to enjoy other exercise such as spinning or pilates.

“After consistently doing the program for the past (almost) three months, I can tell you that my arms are more defined, my belly is getting tighter, and so are my legs,” Diaz said. “It is only 30 minutes, but it is very intense, so you know you are working hard and more important, getting results.”

Maurici, a certified personal trainer, and Franklin, a lawyer, have been working on the videos and website content for nearly two years, when Maurici was pregnant with her fourth child. The videos are available online and at Learning Express.

“When I would do this commitment with Tal, to do these workouts, I became a better mom,” Maurici said. “When I went into my baby’s room and he was crying, I was happy because I was able to let go of any kind of stress I had going on in my life because I could be a better mom for him.”

From checklists for new moms, mental health tips, nutrition tips from Cooper Center, and domestic violence awareness, the StrongestMom platform works towards a healthy body and mind.

“We try to go beyond fitness on our website. Our view is the website is a platform for us to effect a lot of positive change, even for people who are not going to buy our product,” Franklin said.

To Franklin, Maurici, Diaz, and other StrongestMom clients, the workout is more than just a video. Maurici plans half-marathon training sessions in preparation for a StrongestMom team at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in late March.

“I honestly believe that exercise makes me a better person, wife and mom,” said Diaz. “That’s why I love one of Niccole’s mantra: ‘exercise is for your sanity, not vanity.’”

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