Pershing Student’s Wish Comes True

Cindy donned a smock made by her art teacher and helped students with their projects.
Cindy donned a smock made by her art teacher and helped students with their projects. (Photo: Chris McGathey)

Pershing Elementary had a new student teacher today. Cindy Gonzales Gomez, a first-grade student at the school, is battling leukemia and lived out her dream thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The marquee outside the school read “Welcome Our Newest Student Teacher Cindy!” She and her parents, Jose Gonzales and Angela Gomez, arrived at the school in a limo. Cindy stepped out in a sparkly shirt and tiara, greeted by her peers with posters and balloons as the Hillcrest High School band and cheerleaders rallied her on. She was granted her teaching ability by the American College of Education and given an easel and supplies to start her day.

“Since she was little she’s always liked teaching kids who were younger than her,” Angela Gomez said. “At the store she’s always grabbing pencils and art supplies.”

Cindy walked to the art room, high-fiving her classmates along the way. Her first students of the day, a group of pre-kindergarteners, worked on creating a snow globe as she walked around handing them supplies and giving instructions with the help of her teachers.

The rest of her day consisted of another art class, lunch, and teacher planning time. Cindy got to make copies, laminate pages, and check the mail. She also helped out with a math class and library time.

Cindy and her parents were overwhelmed at the event. In an emotional time for their family, having the chance to make this dream a reality was special. They looked on with tears and smiles as Cindy taught her students.

Her experience was exactly as she wished.

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