Official: U.S. Must Step Up Ebola Fight

Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor

When Katie Taylor declares the United States must step up on a global scale to reduce the spread of Ebola, she has statistics and expertise to back her up.

Taylor, a Yale graduate and United States Agency for International Development deputy assistant, spoke at Vision Africa’s annual banquet in October at Highland Park Presbyterian Church.

“I believe that what gets measured, gets done,” Taylor said about the crisis that lurks across the Atlantic and just recently across North Central Expressway.

Days prior to the event, Taylor served on the panel for the Bureau of Global Health, which addressed the White House regarding transmission of Ebola internationally, and possible precautions the U.S. must take to limit exposure. In addition to her role in Washington, Taylor works across Africa, establishing clinics with organizations such as Vision Africa.

After assuring banquet guests that they had a miniscule chance of contracting any ailment other than seasonal allergies, Taylor moved on to a brighter topic. She commended and congratulated Vision Africa on its recent accomplishment — establishing the funds for a mobile health center.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, and a matching contribution from the Ginger Murchison foundation, Dallas-based Vision Africa now has the financial capability to expand its reach beyond established clinics. While the charity operates on a surprisingly low budget, its impact across Nigeria is compelling.

Having established a successful Christian radio station, Vision Africa has the capacity to reach over 20 million listeners, spreading the gospel as well as critical information regarding public health in Nigeria.

Bishop Sunday Onuoha, Vision Africa founder and president, optimistically projected that the organization’s impact as a religiously affiliated charity has never been as hopeful as it is today.

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