Reminder: HP’s Water Restrictions in Effect Now

This is your friendly reminder that Highland Park’s newest water restrictions went into effect yesterday. Here’s a quick recap:

  • No watering on Mondays
  • Even-numbered households can water Sundays and Thursdays
  • Odd-numbered households can water Saturdays and Wednesdays
  • Non-residential customers can water Tuesdays and Fridays

Highland Park is under “Stage One” restrictions, which prohibits over-seeding with cool-season grasses, hydro-mulching (except for new construction/erosion control), and runoff watering.

Exceptions include areas the DPS has deemed “associated with public safety,” foundations and new plantings, irrigation repair, and necessary property improvements.

For more info, check out all the fine print here.

One thought on “Reminder: HP’s Water Restrictions in Effect Now

  • September 2, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Mayor Williams, III. Sir, what’s up with the town’s everyday watering that I’ve witnessed before daybreak recently. Was it the dead grass in the public right aways, parks, and the dead Azaleas that made you realize starving the Highland Park habitat, and the town’s public areas, was not a sane decision.

    As a taxpayer, please tell us what the watering policy is, twice a week or everyday like the town is doing. If I may add my opinion, whatever game you are playing with the town’s habitat, please do so somewhere else (emphasis added). The town’s habitat and eco system is priceless and can not be replaced and mucked up. By the way, I’m still not understanding why the Dallas Country Club was allowed to water free and draw water from Turtle Creek their 100+ acres while the rest of N. Texas was under a severe drought.

    Mayor Williams, i’m curious, are you a member of the Dallas Country Club? There just seems to be various watering policies for different folks. Maybe we can have a cup of coffee and you could explain my concerns. My treat. I look forward to your call.


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