Perky Poodle Moves Near Love Field


I realize this store isn’t technically in the Park Cities, but with a name like Perky Poodle, how could I resist blogging about this? After 38 years on Oak Lawn, Perky Poodle has just relocated to 4560 West Mockingbird Lane near Love Field.

“Our business is both high touch and now high tech,” said Michael Pugh, Perky Poodle’s owner and operator in a press release. “From baths to show cuts, our groomers and bathers have close to a century of combined experience for grooming and bathing dogs and cats of all breeds.”

Now I don’t know the last time you had your cat groomed, but I can tell you my parent’s cat Luna would not take kindly to being doused with water by just anyone. Has anyone been to Perky Poodle? Would they recommend it as a location for a spa day? I think that might be a good anniversary present for my parents. Nobody but Phoebe really wants to talk about a Smelly Cat, right?

2 thoughts on “Perky Poodle Moves Near Love Field

  • April 22, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    We love the Perky Poodle and have always taken our dog to their Oak Lawn location. So glad they have moved to Mockingbird!

  • April 23, 2014 at 9:35 am

    We love Perky Poodle! I am so so glad they moved to Mockingbird. They’re so good with your “babies” and are super nice people.


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