Teichmans Ready to Unveil New Ylang 23 Store

Charles and Joanne Teichman will open their new Ylang 23 store at The Plaza at Preston Center.
Charles and Joanne Teichman will open their new Ylang 23 store at The Plaza at Preston Center.

Charles and Joanne Teichman have always taken a cutting-edge approach to their jewelry business.

Their store, Ylang 23, was among the first in the country to specialize in high-end designer jewelry in the mid-1980s. Then it was the among the industry pioneers for online sales in the early days of e-commerce.

Now, the Teichmans see the relocation of their business as their latest trendsetting move. After almost three decades at Galleria Dallas, Ylang 23 will move to the Plaza at Preston Center this month.

“It’s a very gutsy move because we have a terrific business, but we’re always looking to reinvent ourselves,” Joanne Teichman said. “We want to be where our core clients are. People are getting busier, and it’s easier to shop in your neighborhood.”

Besides the proximity to the Park Cities, the new space is almost doubled in size to 2,000 square feet. Plus, it allows for more interior design freedom than a mall location.

“It really fit where we wanted to be next,” Joanne said. “We’re a drop-in shop, and we don’t necessarily need mall traffic to drive our business. We needed more room for the experience.”

The target date for opening the new store is Feb. 8, and Joanne admits there will be a “wow” factor when customers walk through the doors, a reflection of the Teichmans’ affinity for defying expectations.

“It’s going to be a big surprise. Nothing will be as it was,” Joanne said. “Bigger is not what makes it better. It’s never been about the size. It’s about what you do with the size.”

Ylang 23 was founded in 1985, after the Teichmans visited the famed Ylang Ylang boutique on Madison Avenue in New York. They moved to Preston Hollow with the intention of opening a revamped concept aimed at showcasing original American jewelry designers.

Even today, most of their lines are exclusive in Dallas, and they have helped to support the growth and development of several designers throughout their careers.

“It’s one of my favorite places to shop. They treat their customers like family,” said Preston Hollow resident Robin Ladik, who has shopped at Ylang 23 for about 10 years. “I am very excited about the move. They will be able to expand the store and will be closer to so many of their customers.”

For the Teichmans, the new space will allow them to potentially expand their customer base. It also will feature more room to host functions and fundraisers, including a grand-opening event in late February that will benefit the North Texas Food Bank.

“It’s an exciting project. Our clients are really looking forward to it,” Charles said. “We’re very optimistic about it.”

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