How Did Lovers Houses Get Zoned For Business?

Melanie and Shannon VanBeber operate BelAir Home out of a former home. (Photo: Monica Lake)
Melanie McDougal and Shannon VanBeber operate BelAir: A Lifestyle Boutique. (Photo: Monica Lake)

I’m working on a story about the stretch of Lovers Lane between Inwood and Love Field, where so many businesses occupy houses. I’ve talked to a lot of merchants along Lovers, such as the lovely sister act seen here, but none of them has been able to tell me how the street got zoned in such a way. Everyone I’ve talked to bought their property from someone who was using it as a business before the sale. So I’m about to go over to City Hall and look through some historic zoning maps. (Exciting, right?) But I figure it couldn’t hurt to put the question to our faithful readers.

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