Human After All Reaches Fundraising Goal

Over a month ago I shared with you the story of Brendan Hieber, the Highland Park graduate who is living in Peru and raising money to open a health and activity center for some of the poorest people in the nation. He recently sent me an update with some exciting news! Instead of telling you myself, I’ll let him share the details:

“I wanted to give you an update as to how things are going down here.  Thanks to folks like you, we are now able to open the center, providing everything we wanted to, for a little over six months!  I am super stoked, and so is everybody involved.  I’ll keep you posted and send some pictures when I can. I hope you are well.
Highest Regards,
While they are are now able to open for six months, they will still need funds to sustain La Ludoteca. To make a donation, you can click here.

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