Park Cities Release Detour Plans

We’ve reported on the various street closures happening around the Bush Center dedication. Now, Highland Park and University Park have both released their recommended detours. Officials expect attendees to start pouring in as early as 6 a.m. on Thursday, so residents should be prepared for their work or school commutes.

Anyone who normally uses the streets bordering SMU or Mockingbird Lane near Interstate-75 should find alternate routes Wednesday through Friday. Remember, the southbound frontage road will be closed from University Boulevard to Mockingbird Lane on Thursday.

Basically, Northwest Highway is key. Northbound and southbound drivers on 75 are advised to exit Northwest Highway and travel west, then take Hillcrest Road or Preston Road. The same goes for travelers from the east side of town. Likewise, drivers from the west should go east on Northwest Highway.

For all directions, Lovers Lane is listed as the second choice if Northwest Highway get too congested. Should that fail, Mockingbird Lane works going east or west. If you go that route, just keep in mind that traffic will be worse the closer you are to 75.

Or you could just hibernate. Your call.

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