Police Blotter Will Return, I Promise

You may have noticed that we recently began running a shorter police blotter in the paper. Rather than publish the details of every crime reported in and around Preston Hollow, we’ve asked Michelle Saunders to present a curated list of the week’s 10 most notable crimes, plus the Skulduggery of the Week.

The fact that the blotter no longer has its own dedicated page led me to omit it from my plans for this week’s edition. It was simply an oversight on my part. By the time Michelle asked me why it was not in the paper, it was too late to include it.

I’ve gotten calls from three worried women this afternoon. Each one was concerned that we’ve permanently gotten rid of the blotter, and they all stressed what an important part of the paper it is.

This has me rethinking our recent format change. Would you prefer to see every single one of the neighborhood’s crimes detailed in print?

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