Rogers G. Williams Has One Heck of an Obit

I’m not a fan of obituaries that read like résumés. I prefer to learn something about the deceased’s life, as opposed to reading a list of which boards he or she served on. (This philosophy led to the obit I wrote for my grandfather.) That’s why I got such a kick out of the obituary in today’s Dallas Morning News for Lobello Estates resident Roger G. Williams. A favorite passage:

Roger was truly a creative thinker, sometimes to excess and to the amusement of his family. He could fix anything with wire and duct tape — his family’s MacGyver. It might not have always looked fixed, but it was fixed. All one had to do was consult Roger’s verbal manual and it would be clear as mud how to operate.

Nice job, whoever wrote that. R.I.P., Mr. Williams.

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