End in Sight For Mockingbird Station Construction

I drive a tank of a car (read: parking lots have never been my friend). You can imagine I was left in a panic on a recent trip to West Elm when a portion of the outside parking was roped off and banished me to a garage with what seemed full of “compact car” spots. I almost called it a day and called off said shopping trip, but I really needed a desk, so I powered through.

But here’s some good news: the construction at Mockingbird Station is scheduled for completion in the next two months. Facade updates include a shaded seating area, an elevated crosswalk, 17-foot directional signage, and polished landscape.

In other words, all the exterior updates will be complete when it is too hot to enjoy the outdoors, so we will have to take solace in the air conditioned shops. Well played retailers, well played.

Happy shopping.

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