Here We Go Again

Who will SMU be playing in the Big East next season? Who knows? (Photo: Patrick Green)

The flurry of college football programs switching conferences had actually managed to calm down for a couple of months. Until today, that is.

Word is out Maryland and Rutgers are headed to the Big Ten Conference, which will give that league 14 teams. Additionally, Connecticut will likely go to the Atlantic Coast Conference to replace Maryland.

And once SMU arrives in the Big East Conference next year, the league will have a drastically different look without UConn and Rutgers. At this rate, there’s no telling which schools the Mustangs will be battling in the Big East. I love college football, but all of this shuffling around by schools is giving my sports brain a headache.

I’m pretty sure we’re headed to super conferences, which will have between 16 and 20 teams each. It will be interesting to see where SMU lands if and when the dust finally settles.

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