HPHS Wheels in Huge, Boyfriend-Agitating Robot

Why, hello there.

Highland Park High School’s annual science festival is today, and with it comes a ginormous visitor — one of such hefty proportions, people have wondered if the school’s doors are wide enough to keep this from getting awkward.

Meet the da Vinci robot. It’s big and bad and spidery looking, and designed to aid in a wide range of minimally invasive surgeries. Dr. Richard Salter from Advanced Ob-Gyn Associates will shepherd the ‘bot into the auditorium, where he’ll let students try it out for themselves (just not, like, on actual patients).

That said, when Dan asked me to blog about this yesterday, he probably didn’t consider the primary source I’d try to rope in. Matt, with whom I share rent premaritally, uses these things at work from time to time. A transcript of our conversation:

“So they’re bringing a da Vinci robot to Highland Park High School’s science fair. Y’all use those, right?”

Him, snorting excitedly: “I guess every now and then, yeah. Wait, they’re bringing it to a high school? A high school? They’re BRINGING it … to a HIGH school?!”

OK, so this is a pretty big deal?”

“Well, nobody brought surgical robots into my [adjective removed] high school. But then again, we went to public school, so — ”

“No, it’s a public school.”

“Oh. Man.”

So there you go. More than 40 other presenters will be at today’s event, too, and you can read about them here (click on “presentations,” then “choose your class period,” and let the envy commence).

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  • November 16, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    Y’alls some nerds, Georgia and Matt!


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